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I have known Rory for 48 years. Each week, Adventure Camp provides...our students with fun, stimulating, and educational experiences. I recommend Adventure Camp to our parents without hesitation.

- Jacque Grillo 

Executive Director & Teacher,

Lone Mountain Children's Center

My sons attended Adventure Camps at a most fragile time in their lives. My husband had passed away only weeks before and we had just endured three memorial services. I really didn't have much hope that they would even agree to separate form me. I remember calling Rory and telling him that my eldest son probably wouldn't last an hour let alone the entire day. He assured me that he would call if there was any sign of unhappiness  he never needed to. From the first day he and his staff made them feel safe and gave them so much attention that by the second day they were running to the van excited to see where they would be going next. Each day, the would tell me what they did, what new friends they made and how much fun they had  it was great to hear, especially at this time. It is clear that Rory and his staff truly care about all of the children and know how to create a fun, nurturing environment. I will always be grateful for the kindness they all extended to our family at a time when we really needed it. I tell everyone what a great experience it was and how my boys definitely look forward to many more memorable times with Adventure Camps.


- Gina Ghorbani

AC Parent

Looking back at the time I spent at Adventure Camps when I was a little girl, I am very fond of the memories I have.  Every day was a new and exciting experience.   Whether it was a day at the beach, a trip to the Exploratorium or a picnic at the park I always looked forward to each day and what new adventures we would have.  It brings me such joy to have my son now attend Adventure Camps.  I know he will have wonderful memories of his time with Rory and the gang and looks forward to coming back each summer!


- Francesca 

Former Camper & Current AC Parent

"As Chief Park Ranger of Marin County Parks, I oversee and issue hundreds of permits and book special events and reservations for our 30 County facilities yearly. I first met Adventure Camp Director Rory Judge over 35 years ago at McNears Beach in San Rafael. His staff has always impressed me with their professionalism and offering first-class treatment to their kids. The McNears swimming pool can be pretty hectic on hot summer days, and our lifeguards appreciate Adventure Camps' extra care to ensure their kids stay safe.
I highly recommend Adventure Camps as a great alternative to get your kids outside to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!"


- Rob Ruiz

Chief Park Ranger,

Marin County Parks

"I can't tell you how much Connor has enjoyed going to Adventure Camps during the past 5 years. When making plans for his summer vacation each year, all Connor wants is to sign up for Adventure Camps. He loves going to different places everyday, being in the sunshine and how counselors make every day fun and exciting."

- Rachel Kilshaw

Sergeant S.F.P.D

AC Parent

I was running around the polo fields just now, [...] when [...] a mob of smiling, giggling, sneaking children [...] came out of the bushes. Screaming and shouting and laughing and running and then, all of a sudden, ANOTHER group of these little monsters were running and screaming and giggling alongside them.  This group, of course, was led by none other than Rory Judge, perhaps the coolest, hippest camp counselor ever to grace San Francisco. [...] I was thrown for a loop during that instant when I remembered back to discovering San Francisco as a child with Adventure Camps.  I remembered instantly the bunkers in the Presidio and at Fort Miley, the various beaches we went to, the picnics we had, the trips to swimming pools. [...] If anyone out there is looking to send their kid or a kid they know to an awesome place where they get the most attention, respect, and love they need mixed in with fun all the time,

Adventure Camps is the place to be.


- Charley B.

Yelp Review

Some of my favorite memories from childhood were of the after-school adventures with Rory and friends exploring the city.  The adventures were always fun as they were kid driven, and we were always discovering something new.  Now, as a parent, it is great to see my kids get to experience Adventure Camps with Rory, and come home with the same wide grin, sense of wonder, and fun memories that I did!

- Lucas Heldfond 

Former Camper

It was always a joy to take my four children to Rory's.  It truly is an "adventure" camp in the best sense of the world. I think today the experience of being outdoors and carefree would be even more valuable. 

Congratulations to Rory for many successful years!


- Patti Heldfond 

AC Parent 

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