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After all these years, it's still a thrill for Rory when so many of his campers come back later as counselors. It's also particularly rewarding that so many former campers are now sending their own children to Camp, making the experience a tradition in the lives of many Bay Area families. Rory's early years and travels gave him an appreciation for the importance of creativity, spontaneity, and playfulness in life and in shaping children's experiences.

As the man behind the structure and inspiration of Adventure Camps, owner and Executive Director Rory Judge personally produces all the camps, including summer, school year, and vacation sessions. He came to Adventure Camps in 1978 after moving to the west coast from Boston. Since that time, over 15,000 families have enrolled in Adventure Camps, and Rory has been privileged to welcome them all into his Adventure Camp family. 

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In his more than 42 years at Adventure Camps, and more than 40 years as a drummer and performer, Rory has fostered that creativity and directed it towards making Adventure Camps a very special place for children.

Interested in becoming a member of the Adventure Camps Counselor Crew?

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