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Tuesdays & Thursdays

2:00PM - 4:30PM

Each week, we meet and pick up the kids at school upon dismissal.  From there we head out on our daily Adventures, usually in a close proximity to the Presidio and Golden Gate Park.  Parents should send their children with the appropriately clothing for the weather, and extra snacks as AC will not be handing out snacks until further notice. After all the fun afternoon activities we will arrive with the children to the wall near Julius Kahn Park in the Presidio  at 4:30 PM.

To enroll, Email the registration form with FULL PAYMENT. 

Detailed information will be emailed upon confirmation.

With the exception of a 20% non refundable registration fee, all tuition is fully refundable up to your child's 2nd time in camp. Please read our Policies and procedures for further details

You can open the link below to see payment and registration form options. 

Come join our fun and be part of our historic 50th year!


9/14 - 1/29/2022


TUES    (18)
THURS  (17)




  TUES -   $1,945
  THURS - $1,835

Please note that Adventure Camps is not affiliated directly any of with these schools but runs programs seperate to their organizations. For any questions or further information please contact us @ 415.388.2216 or


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